Provably Fair

All rolls on CSGOCircle are generated using a provably fair system. This means the operators cannot manipulate the outcome of any roll.
Each roll is generated in part using the results of the
New York Lottery's Take 5 game.
Players may replicate any past roll using the below code:

 $server_seed = "161293a556787ecaee5d04de72753323c916408f2f7f0cf2c1931717480d463c";
$lottery_id = "7606271363";
$round_id = "1";
$hash = hash("sha256", $server_seed . "-" . $lottery_id . "-" . $round_id);
$rolled_number = hexdec(substr($hash, 0, 8)) % 15;
echo "Round $round_id = $rolled_number";

You can execute PHP code straight from your web browser with tools like PHP Tester.
Simply copy-paste the code into the window and replace the server_seed, lottery_id, and round_id values for your own.
Execute the code to verify the roll.

For more information about provably fair visit our FAQ page or feel free to contact us.

Date Server Seed Lottery Roll start at
2017-08-18 99a9743cd9ba52df1dfe2e93323c5f9947d32b3ab52e0de48c9239f22d0291d8 2750395318 636686