How to play?

On December 9th, Valve implemented Trade Holds. This feature delays trades for people who are not using Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator. Our site will still operate normally, however you will need to use Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator and you will need to have trade confirmations enabled in order to play on our website. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT DELAYED TRADES! Trade confirmations WILL be needed not to be affected by Trade Holds. More information about Trade Holds

  • Sign in through the Link
  • Click Settings and add your current Trade Link
  • If you want to add items to get more points:
    1. Turn on Mobile confirmation in your Privacy Settings
    2. Next steam is activating Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator which is necessary to trade with our bot
    3. Click Settings
    4. Cross confirmation that you will get via text message
    5. Enter your phone number
    6. After doing those steps and 7 days cooldown you will be able to confirm the trades through Steam Mobile App and recieve trades from our bots
    7. Deposit your items and accept you winnings :)